Make Data Make Sense.

Normalize, Marshall, Cleanse, Migrate
and Prep your data the easy way.

The intuitive No-Code, Cloud ETL data solution built for scale.

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Connect data sources from
multiple locations and formats.

Visually manipulate your data,
transforming it from raw to usable data.

Schedule recurring processing cycles,
freeing you to focus on data analysis.

Data Engineer (BI)

Acquisition, Preparation, Archival, Optimization

Manage data processes with our clear framework and tools. Identify and correct issues with the pipeline visualizer.

Data Scientist

Predictions, AI/ML

Spend your time creating value instead of coding processes to prepare data and push it into other models.

Data Explorer

Insights, KPIs

Use no-code tools to access data sets typically out of reach without help from a Data Scientist or Engineer.

Use Cases

Data Normalization & Cleansing
Data Integration, Marshaling, and Migration
Data Prep for Visualization

Quickly connect your data sources and model your data normalization visually with our drag and drop interface.  See what your processes look like to reveal normalization optimization opportunities.




Analysis & Visualization

About us

Our frustration with the time and effort it took to prepare data just to get it in a usable state was the genesis of BendR. We used every tool out there, and they either lacked key features, were difficult to use, or just plain too expensive.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

Dennis Portello

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Beck

Chief Revenue Officer

Vijay Das

Chief Operations Officer

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